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The border is a line that birds cannot see, Yet for humans, well. Isn’t a different story? I thought humanity meant unity, but how could I forget? The white man ran through us with a pizza

Eternal Rainfall

Jul 31, 2022

By Aya Elgool (16, Regent's High School, @ayaelgool.xo) Love is like an eternal rainfall Sometimes you like it, sometimes you hate it It makes you feel refreshed but at the same time I


Jul 30, 2022

By Zarin Bakhshzaad (14, La Sainte Union) There was a child on the floor, ripped in half The force of the explosion Rendering him into two separate pieces. “It wasn’t our fault t

Triple Threat

Feb 26, 2022

By Aya Elgool You know, me being a black Muslim woman makes me a triple threat; That’s a very big flex. I’m already set standards based on my gender. Me being black is seen as a wea


Jan 06, 2022

By Yasmin Resident of West Hampstead I wonder, we wonder, what you would do If you truly believed in the power in, you If you woke up each morning and decided to choose To get up an

Celtic Roots

Dec 01, 2021

Nothing more than a pretty face I thought, I'd say that's why my stupid lies you bought, Exchanged silly words yet from your mouth they came with meaning, Spoke about your Celtic roots and your eye

By Zarin Bakhshzaad The bangs were exchanged in rapid succession, Fireworks that sparked and spiralled, Invisible demons that kicked up great plumes of dust, One found its target and burr

A Series of Haikus

Oct 09, 2021

Grief drifts everyday Like the sunrise and sunset Both begin and end The grief comes in waves Here one day gone the very next Like my broken heart Leaves fall to the ground Just

Make It Hopeful

Oct 09, 2021

I breathe in the room that has not seen me leave its four walls in weeks. This room is safe, and I know every inch of it. The minute I leave, people are scared, and every breath is counted.