Celtic Roots

By [email protected] | Dec 01, 2021

Nothing more than a pretty face I thought,
I'd say that's why my stupid lies you bought,
Exchanged silly words yet from your mouth they came with meaning,
Spoke about your Celtic roots and your eyes started beaming,
You loved my lies, maybe it's a sign you like me, right?
Like a fish I reel you in, and yet again you bit,
You said "You're from Spain, that's so cool, what zone?'
And you muttered that to me in a hesitant tone,
I want's expecting you to ever be interested,
Maybe after all my feelings aren't unsolicited,

Can you tell these are silly excuses to stay in your company?
I said 'Let's make the Tiktok', then you look at my grumpily,
Although I annoy you, deep down you don't mind,
Because you said I could sit when I asked it its fine,
As blank as a new canvas your face tries to hide your emotion,
But when you laugh, pink crashes on your cheeks like waves at an ocean,
We talked about religion, you thought I wouldn't understand,
But my devotion to us, shows what I can withstand,
Your relationship with God, its all you've ever known
Maybe I strive for that relationship, just with you as its backbone.

Tried to play you off as an irrelevant hallway crush,
But now I stroll past your lessons never finding myself in a rush,
And yet somehow that hallways still haunts me while Im home,
Just that its more like a tunnel, with a light heading to the unknown,
And my friends know about you, a secret I many have revealed too soon,
Because to them you're a needle and my heart's the rubber balloon,
The poets say, think with your heart while to brain ignores,
So it's right to take this risk to hear more about those Celtic roots of yours.
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