Anya Nedungadi

Founder and Executive Editor of “Bridging the Gap”

I founded this magazine in hopes of bridging the gap between the divided student body in Camden. Our borough is a diverse place; we have students from all different racial backgrounds, different social backgrounds, different political backgrounds, and different economic backgrounds. These differences often influence where we decide to go to school, the quality of teaching we receive, and the people that we meet. The most obvious example of this is the type of school you go to: is it a state school run by our local authority or an independently run school? I created this magazine because youth don’t have a way to explore their opinions across segregated borders. I believe that we should all have the chance to get to know each other, regardless of our backgrounds and socio-economic status, and that it is our responsibility to break out of the bubbles that we are in. This magazine is a place for Youth in Camden to share their thoughts, stories, and ideas, so that we can learn a bit more about each otherand escape our respective bubbles.

In this magazine you will find three types of contributions.

1. Personal Stories: These stories are what the magazine is about. They are pieces about the influences in our lives, our families, our backgrounds, our passions…the list goes on.

2. Topical Articles: These articles showcase our unique opinions on current affairs in our country.

3. Poems: These are expressions of opinion, of emotion, and are beautifully written pieces of art that give you an insight into our personalities.


We push you to analyse your own perspectives, and to absorb the thoughts and opinions of people you might of otherwise never have met.