By [email protected] | Jan 06, 2022

By Yasmin
Resident of West Hampstead

I wonder, we wonder, what you would do
If you truly believed in the power in, you
If you woke up each morning and decided to choose
To get up and connect, instead of to snooze
If you practiced aligning your hopes and your dreams
With your actions, which currently don't, as it seems
If you sat with your feelings and thoughts when they rise
And worked through them healthily, and to your surprise
You feel lighter and fuller, with warmth in your soul
And know that the hard work will make you feel whole
You know if you choose your best every day
You won't let yourself doubt ever get in your way
You feel confident, true, and you, yourself, must
Give yourself all unconditional trust
That no matter what happens you will prevail
And freely towards your goals you will sail
Have faith that the universe wants what you want
And detach from the 'when and where?' process you hunt
For the moment you realise you are whole and divine
And need nothing but yourself to wholeheartedly shine
Your love from within will rapidly climb
And everything that is yours, will be, at the right moment in time.